GFWC Community Improvement Program


Introduced in 1949 as the “Build a Better Community Contest”, this program has provided GFWC clubs with a platform for developing and implementing projects that meet the varying and changing needs of their communities. As GFWC’s longest standing project, it benefits clubs by increasing membership opportunities, developing leadership skills, and creating public awareness of club activities and GFWC. Designed to meet the needs of individual communities, the GFWC Community Improvement Program Award also provides a platform for enhancing relationships between GFWC clubs and their communities.

Club projects that help make your community a better place to live are “community improvement” projects and are eligible for national recognition and reward.

IDEAS It is nearly impossible to provide recommendations for project ideas because the project should be tailored to your community’s specific and unique needs. • Every club is capable of creating a Community Improvement project. • Almost any project can be turned into a Community Improvement project that addresses a specific, unique need within the community.

Consider the following suggestions: • Implement partnerships to address your community’s need, assist with leadership development, and raise your club’s and GFWC’s profile within the community, such as: • GFWC clubs (See Award Rules, joint entries.) • GFWC partner organizations • Professional or other membership organizations.  

GFWC awards a total of $18,860 to state and national winners of the GFWC Community Improvement Program Award.


• Identify and define community need. • Describe the project selection process. • Explain how your club engaged community support. • Define how project is financed. • Identify media support and process in which it was obtained. • Recount how you overcame obstacles. • Provide a list of collaborating partners, including government agencies, other service groups, and professional organizations. • Describe club’s continuing role in the project. • Explain the project’s long-term effect on the community. • Identify results and successes. • Describe how the project influenced changes in your community, i.e., increased awareness, willingness to work together, impact, etc. • Focus on content. 

• Government entities • Other nonprofit organizations • Establish your Community Improvement project as an ongoing community effort that lasts as long as the community need remains. • Reference the Advancement Guides (Communications and Public Relations, Fundraising, Leadership, Legislation/Public Policy, Membership, and the Women’s History and Resource Center) in the GFWC Club Manual. 


GUIDELINES FOR STATE COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT AWARDS • Rules are determined by your State Federation. • All club entries are submitted directly to your State Community Improvement Program Award Chairman and must be postmarked no later than February 1, 2018.  

Joint Entries

Clubs may join together to work on a project. Projects involving two to six GFWC clubs qualify as joint entries. Only one entry form is to be submitted, with all club presidents signing the single form. Clubs involved in joint entries are not eligible to submit individual club entries.

Monetary Awards

There are monetary awards from GFWC for the top state and national winners. At the state level, First Place receives $50, Second Place $35, and Third Place $25. At the national level, First Place receives $5,000, Second Place $3,500, Third Place $2,500, Fourth Place $1,500, Fifth Place $500. As you can see, it is worthwhile to take time to enter your Community Improvement Project.

UPDATED FOR 2016-2018!   For a complete set of guidelines, open the Community Improvement Program Guidlines and Entry Form.(pdf)

Report To:

Club entries are to be sent to Linda Farmer, GFWC of Missouri Community Improvement Program Award Chairman. Linda’s address is in the GFWC of Missouri, Inc. State Yearbook 

 Past Community Program Projects:

Cassville FFA Cassville FFA Students Greenway Participation







The GFWC Community Improvement Program Award aims to enhance the lives of our neighbors around the world by meeting community specific needs and elevating our clubs’ status within those communities.

SPRING 2018 State awards are presented at respective State Conventions.

APRIL 2018 National judging at GFWC Headquarters in Washington, D.C. JUNE

2018 National Community Improvement Program Awards presented at GFWC Annual Convention in St. Louis, Missouri.