Jennie Awards


The GFWC Jennie Award honors one clubwoman from each GFWC Region for outstanding commitment to club, community, and family. They are chosen by their clubs to compete at state, region, and national levels for their outstanding personal commitment to club, community, and family.

The GFWC Jennie Award is named in honor of GFWC’s founder, Jane Cunningham Croly, who wrote for national newspapers under the pseudonym, “Jennie June.” The award highlights those extraordinary clubwomen who epitomize her spirit of independence, courage, and persistence in purpose through their roles as volunteers within their clubs, elsewhere in the community, and as members of a family or extended family. Although GFWC has many awards for states and clubs, the GFWC Jennie Award is the only national honor that recognizes individual members for personal excellence. In fact, it is the highest honor bestowed by GFWC. 

AWARD RULES • Clubs may nominate one member who has demonstrated the qualities outlined under the judging criteria for this award. • Nominee must be a member in good standing of a GFWC club for a minimum of five years. Her tenure of service may be with several clubs. Years of service must be consecutive not concurrent. • Current and past members of the GFWC Executive Committee are ineligible. • Nominations should emphasize a member’s entire lifetime of service. • Clubs must complete and submit the official GFWC Jennie Award Nomination Form along with a maximum 500-word written narrative. Narratives should include descriptions of the nominee’s: –Club activities – Participation in community groups and organizations, both volunteer and professional –Commitment to her nuclear or extended family.

Clubs must submit the following supportive materials along with nomination form and narrative: – Photograph of nominee (no larger than 5x7 inches) – Clips of two-three newspaper (or other media) stories about successful projects to which the member contributed (it is not necessary for such articles to mention the member by name). –Letter of endorsement from club President – Letter of endorsement from a representative of another organization • Nomination forms and supporting materials, including photographs, will not be returned.

Clubs must submit nomination materials to their respective State Chairman. Edana Huse is the GFWC of Missouri Chairman. Her address is in the GFWC MO state yearbook. 


At the time of the awards ceremony during the GFWC Annual Convention in June 2018, which all eight national honorees are expected to attend, a news release will be issued by GFWC to major U.S. newspapers as well as to media in the states, cities, and regions of all eight honorees. Clubs and State Federations with GFWC Jennie Award medal recipients as well as each GFWC Region should also take the opportunity to inform their local press about the national honor. Club Communications and Public Relations chairmen of the national recipients should notify local officials and organizations such as the mayor, Chamber of Commerce president, and state elected officials to arrange photo opportunities and recognition events. 

Download the entry form for 2016-2018.

Janice CarterOur own Janice Carter of the GFWC Generation III Club, El Dorado Springs, was the Mississippi Valley Region Jennie Award winner for 2014-16 and was recognized at the 2016 Convention in Baltimore.