GFWC of Missouri  2017 - 2018 Calendar of Events

June 23-26 2017 GFWC International Convention – Palm Desert, CA 
Sept. 21-24 2017 Mississippi Valley Region Conference – Honey Creek Resort, Raspin, IA
Sept. 29 7th District Fall Convention – Miller
Sept. 30 6th District Fall Convention – Marshfield 
Oct. 7 5th District Fall Convention – Jefferson City 
Oct. 7 9th District Fall Convention – Marble Hill 
Oct. 13 2nd District Fall Convention – Grandview 
Oct. 14 1st District Fall Convention – Chillicothe 
Oct. 18 Missouri Day
Oct. 19 8th District Fall Convention – St. Louis  
Oct. 28 4th District Fall Convention – Columbia 
Nov. 1 Club Treasurer mails dues to State Treasurer Donna Calvin for 200 extra Honor Roll Points  
Nov. 4 3rd District Fall Convention – Macon 
Dec. 31 If not already paid, club dues are sent to State Treasurer Donna Calvin for 35 cent per member district rebate  
  Club Treasurer mails Fund for Charity and Education Report and check to District Treasurer  
Feb. 1, 2018 2017 Club Statistical Form & Missouri Honor Roll due to State Vice President Judy Gustafson  
  2017 Missouri Reports in State Yearbook due to GFWC of MO Chairmen listed on forms  
Writing Contest Entries due to State Writing Chairman Leslie Prothero Club Two-Year Community Improvement Contest Entries due to State CIP Chairman Linda Farmer
March 1 State VP Judy Gustafson sends summaries from all Club Statistical Forms to State Chairmen for use in their reports to GFWC Chairmen
March 15 Each State Chairman sends reports to her GFWC Chairman listed in State Yearbook and to State President Janet Ryan 
April 10 Sophomore Pilgrimage & GFWC Legislative Day 
April 24 Federation Day
May 2-5 2018 GFWC of Missouri State Convention, Stone Castle Hotel, Branson (Bring Photography Contest Entries and Waivers)  
May 15 GFWC Calendar Contest Photography Entries (one per club) due to GFWC Headquarters  
June 22-26 2018 GFWC International Convention – St. Louis Union Station – Hosted by 7 MVR States  
July 8-17 GFWC of Missouri hosted trip to Scotland/England