2016-2017 President’s State Project: Barn Quilts

GFWC Missouri President Janet Ryan aims to celebrate American traditions and aid farming communities through the creation of barn quilts.

Where the Corn IsThe tradition of barn quilts in America began when immigrants from the Rhine region of Germany arrived in the United States 300 years ago. Having fled religious persecution in Germany, Amish, Lutheran and Mennonite settlers began painting small patterns on the ends of barns as a way to honor their heritage. Just as women preserve our memories through making quilts, so, too, men can help us remember our farming heritage by keeping their barns painted and repaired, then adding a barn quilt to them. This simple act can draw groups within the community together for a common goal, promote artistic endeavors, beautify the countryside, and improve the economy in these communities. The future is protected with the added increase to the economy, potential development of creativity in the youth, respect for the talents of others, and the willingness of the members of the community to work together to help each other.