GFWC of Missouri Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO)

ESO News from Chairman, Carolyn Wyatt.

ESO Chair Carolyn WyattAre you a reader? If you are, have you joined our ESO? It is easy to do. The application is now included here along with the new 60 Category reading list. (See link below.)  I've tried to simplify this new list with more Categories that are reader friendly.

A review is just information about what you have read: did you enjoy the book and some sentences about the book. Isn't that easy? I receive reviews by e-mail and in the mail.

Each month I e-mail the ESO News, so if you would only like to receive that, send me your e-mail address. I have packets that I can mail to those without e-mail access. My address is: 925 Ridgecrest, Carthage, Missouri, 64836, my e-mail address is: and my office phone number is: 417/358-3344.

Epsilon Sigma Omicron is an Honorary Reading Sorority. ESO is a special project of the GFWC Education Department. Your Missouri ESO, ETA Chapter, was established in 1946.

Wishing you a good book to read,


ESO Categories and Application (pdf)