Missouri Leadership Seminar

Mission Statement:

"The mission of Missouri Leadership Seminar is to empower young adults to expand their minds and be truer to themselves, so they can develop into leaders who change lives and make a positive difference in their local communities and the world." 

Missouri Leadership Seminar participants

 Excerpted from current information at: moleadership.com

Missouri Leadership Seminar is an unforgettable weekend experience that immerses a select group of high school sophomores in an environment that brings out the leader inside. Student ambassadors are exposed to panels of professional speakers on many of today's most pressing issues, are encouraged to express their unique opinions in a supportive environment, and learn to lead through team building activities. The MLS experience is free of charge to those ambassador's selected to attend.

The Board of Directors for the Missouri Leadership seminar are able to provide the seminar experience free of charge to the students, parents and schools through private donations from local civic clubs such as Optimist, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary and GFWC Clubs. The approximate cost per student is $300. Any sophomore student is eligible to attend once nominated by a school and the selection process is left up to each individual school/district. Private and parochial schools are welcome as well.

During MLS student ambassadors participate in several different types of programs including:

Team building Activities and Leadership Opportunities - There are many team building and group activities at MLS. From games and fun challenges to group discussions and projects, team building activities at seminar allow students to interact with other ambassadors and express opinions in a small group setting. Students have ample opportunity to lead at seminar. By expressing opinions in facilitated discussions, volunteering to lead group challenges, or introducing activities to the seminar as a whole, students have the opportunity to grow leadership skills as they feel comfortable.

Panels - Each year the MLS Board of Directors plans out several panels for seminar on current topics. Professional's with varying points of view are invited to come speak to the ambassadors on the panel topic. During small group break-outs, Ambassador's get the opportunity to interact with each panelist and ask questions. The program will not promote any specific political party, business, religion, or way of thinking; rather, it is designed to develop an awareness of present and future issues by actively involving seminar participants in discussions and informal debate.

Volunteerism - MLS is an organization focused on giving back. Our staff spends more than 6,000 hours collectively volunteering for other organizations throughout the state of Missouri. At seminar itself, a charity event is always part of the weekend. In 2014, ambassadors donated toiletries and made blankets for the Missouri Veterans Home. Additionally, staff, ambassadors and parents raised more than $2300 for the i-Rok Foundation, a charity set up in remembrance of MLS Alumni Kori Quinn.

Every junior staff member who returns to seminar has completed 100 hours of community service. MLS continues to encourage ambassadors and alumni to volunteer throughout the year. Besides requiring 100 hours of community service, MLS also sets up year-round volunteering opportunities.

For more information regarding MLS and what to expect, please visit: www.moleadership.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/moleadership

2015 Board of Directors
Missouri Leadership Seminar, Inc.

Name Position(s) Seminar Email
Maria Holt a. Seminar Chairperson missourileadership@gmail.com
Trisha Daugherty b. Co-Vice Chairperson missourileadership@gmail.com
Kelly Meuschke c. Co-Vice Chairperson missourileadership@gmail.com
Jessica Barszczak d. Director of Grants & Corp Donations/ Co-Director of Ops missourileadership.giving@gmail.com
Trent Hoover e. Co-Director of Operations missourileadership@gmail.com
Jessica Holt f. Director of Programs missourileadership.programs@gmail.com
Lydia Berns g. Director of Finance & Reporting Treasurer missourileadership@gmail.com
Kelsey Stuff h. Director of Staff missourileadership.staff@gmail.com
Taylor Rutledge i. Director of Recruitment & Travel missourileadership@gmail.com
Annie Henning k. DWAP Coordinator missourileadership.dwap@gmail.com
Leandra Stuckey l. Reporting Board Secertary missourileadership@gmail.com
Theresea Gaul m. Director of Alumni missourileadership.alumni@gmail.com
Tinsley Rutledge n. Director of Public Relations missourileadership@gmail.com
Adam  Case o. Seminar Webmaster missourileadership.webmaster@gmail.com
Ralph Howe p. Optimist Representative missourileadership@gmail.com
Beverly  Shelton q. GFWC Representative N/A